Recommended Security Apps List

Published on 18 Dec 2023

Anti-virus (AV) apps protect devices against cyber threats such as malware and phishing attacks. To help users select an AV app, CSA has put together a list of recommended AV apps which users can download to suit their needs and budget. The apps come in free and paid versions, offering a range of features such as malicious URL blocking and malware scans. 

CSA conducted tests on the malware and phishing detection capabilities of these apps in August this year. The methodology involved installing the AV app on a device and infecting the device with recent malware variants to test if the app was able to detect them. Similarly, the device was also used to access selected phishing websites to test if the AV app detected them.

Due to iOS’ security restrictions, it is not possible for the AV app to scan other iOS apps for malware. As such, CSA could not test their ability to detect malware on iOS devices.

However, an AV app will not be able to offer 100% protection. There is still a need for users to be vigilant and adopt good cyber hygiene practices to protect their devices and data from cybercriminals.