Cybersecurity Toolkits for Enterprise Leaders and SME Owners

CSA has tailored the cybersecurity toolkits for different types of enterprises and enterprise roles. For example, the cybersecurity toolkit for enterprise leaders is targeted at larger enterprises with Boards and C-suite, and it provides differentiated guidance for these business leaders. The cybersecurity toolkit for Small Medium Enterprise (SME) owners is targeted at SMEs that may not have dedicated IT teams. 

The toolkits for enterprise leaders and SME owners are focused on the high-level and strategic business reasons for business leaders and SME owners to invest in and drive a corporate culture of cybersecurity, e.g. how cybersecurity as a business investment will pay for itself over time. By investing in cybersecurity, including putting in place a culture of cybersecurity, enterprises would be able to fully reap the benefits of digital transformation. 

The toolkits are one way to enable business leaders of all enterprise sizes to become bilingual in technical and strategic language, and to make informed trade-offs between security, system usability and cost. 

Topics include:

• Cultivate cybersecurity leadership in your organisation
• Educate your employees on cybersecurity
• Protect your information assets
• Secure your access and environment
• Ensure your business is cyber resilient

Cybersecurity Toolkit for Enterprise Leaders

Executive Summary [PDF, 217KB]
Toolkit [PDF, 3.5MB]
Infographics [PDF, 572KB]

Cybersecurity Toolkit for SME Owners

Toolkit [PDF, 3.4MB]
• Infographics [PDF, 572KB]