Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Organisations

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Cybersecurity Certification for Enterprises - Cyber Essentials and Cyber Trust

The cybersecurity certification scheme for organisations is developed by CSA to recognise organisations with good cybersecurity practices. The Cyber Essentials mark recognises organisations that have put in place cyber hygiene measures, while the Cyber Trust mark is a mark of distinction to recognise organisations with comprehensive cybersecurity measures and practices. The marks serve as visible indicators to demonstrate that organisations have put in place good cybersecurity practices to protect their operations and customers against cyber-attacks.

The two cybersecurity certification marks promote greater trust and transparency between organisations and their vendors and suppliers, particularly since these third parties can be ad additional source of cybersecurity risks. The Cyber Essentials and Cyber Trust marks serve as visible labels for organisations to communicate the cybersecurity measures they have implemented as a form of competitive edge for the organisation. For vendors and suppliers, the marks are also good ways to provide assurance that their customers’ data and IT systems are well protected.

Why should my organisation apply?

Serves as a visible indicator of good cybersecurity practices implemented in your organisation
Provides assurance that your organisation has taken steps to strengthen your cybersecurity
Builds trust with your customers
Gives your organisation a competitive edge to attract new business partnerships

Which mark should my organisation apply for?

Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Enterprises

• Infographic on Cyber Essentials and Cyber Trust marks 
• Information on the Cyber Essentials mark
• Information on the Cyber Trust mark 

Additional information

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