SG Cyber Safe Programme

SG Cyber Safe Programme

Whether you are a small organisation embarking on your digital journey or a large multi-national corporation with digitalised business functions, cyber risks are getting more sophisticated, and all organisations are at risk. The SG Cyber Safe Programme helps Singapore organisations better protect themselves in the digital domain and enhance their cybersecurity.

Every organisation is unique; thus, its business needs and risk-level will vary.

Where is your organisation in your cybersecurity journey?

CSA SG Cyber Safe Enterprise Cyber Profile - Essentials 

My organisation is just starting in our cybersecurity journey.
We have implemented cyber hygiene measures to protect ourselves against common cyber attacks but want to further improve our cybersecurity posture.

Information relevant to you:
• Cybersecurity Toolkits
• Cybersecurity Certification for Organisations – Cyber Essentials mark
Cybersecurity Products and Services 

CSA SG Cyber Safe Enterprise Cyber Profile - Trust

My organisation has already started implementing cybersecurity, but we want to learn more.
We have extensive digitalised business operations and a higher cybersecurity risk profile.
We have implemented comprehensive measures that are commensurate with our risk profile.

Information relevant to you:
• Cybersecurity Certification for Organisations – Cyber Trust mark
Cybersecurity Products and Services


SG Cyber Safe | Cybersecurity Toolkits

Cybersecurity Toolkits

CSA has tailored cybersecurity toolkits - available for download – to help organisations take greater ownership of their cybersecurity. The toolkits provide information on cybersecurity issues and threats and enable organisations to adopt cybersecurity measures pertinent to their job roles, such as business leaders becoming bilingual in technical and strategic languages, IT teams knowing how best to implement cybersecurity within their organisation, and employees adopting tips to address the most common threats they face.

Which best describes you?

I am an enterprise leader or SME owner
I am an employee
- I am overseeing IT responsibilities in my organisation


Cybersecurity Certification for Enterprises

Cybersecurity Certification for Organisations – Cyber Essentials and Cyber Trust marks

CSA has developed a cybersecurity certification scheme to recognise organisations with good cybersecurity practices. The Cyber Essentials mark recognises organisations that have put in place cyber hygiene measures, while the Cyber Trust mark is a mark of distinction to recognise organisations with comprehensive cybersecurity measures and practices. The two cybersecurity certification marks promote greater trust and transparency between organisations and their vendors and suppliers, particularly since these third parties can be ad additional source of cybersecurity risks.

The Cyber Essentials and Cyber Trust marks serve as visible labels for organisations to communicate the cybersecurity measures they have implemented as a form of competitive edge for the organisation. For vendors and suppliers, the marks are also good ways to provide assurance that their customers’ data and IT systems are well protected.. 

Learn more about the Cyber Essentials mark.

Learn more about the Cyber Trust mark


Cybersecurity Products and Services

There are a wide range of products and services which can help you enhance your organisation’s cybersecurity. To help organisations get started, CSA has curated a list of products and services which are aligned with our cybersecurity certification scheme, as well as products and services which are pre-approved under the SMEs Go Digital Programme.

Learn more about cybersecurity products and services 


SG Cyber Safe - Partnership Programme

SG Cyber Safe Partnership Programme

To further drive cybersecurity awareness to local businesses, individuals and the wider community, CSA has partnered industry players under the SG Cyber Safe Partnership Programme to develop training content, products and services, and community outreach programmes to raise awareness and encourage adoption of good cybersecurity practices by organisations and the public.

Learn more about the SG Cyber Safe Partnership Programme 


SG Cyber Safe Programme Contact information

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