Let's Talk Cyber

Lets Talk Cyber: How to be cyber safe?

Find out how a hacker can steal your information after you download malicious apps or use unsecured Wi-Fi.
Learn about the Internet of Things, what is Digital Defence, and the cyber tips to adopt to stay safe online.

Duration: 16 min 34 sec
Recommended level: Secondary 1 and above

Lets Talk Cyber: Are We Really Safe Online?

Hear from victims firsthand on how they have fallen prey to cybercrimes.
Learn how you can protect yourself from similar cyber incidents.


Duration: 6 min 34 sec
Recommended level: Primary 5 and above

Let’s Talk Cyber: How Cyber Savvy Are You?

We took to the streets with host/actress Munah Bagharib to find out how much people really know about cybersecurity.

Duration: 5 min 22 sec
Recommended level: Primary 5 and Above


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