Cyber Safety Interactive Handbook & Activity Books

Cyber Safe Activity Handbook

Follow Crypto and Synthia, our cyber defenders, on their quest to secure cyberspace! The Cyber Safety Interactive Handbook and Activity Books were developed in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) respectively. Recommended level: Primary 3 to 6

Download digital copies below. You can use the quizzes to help students reinforce their learning.

Cyber Safety: The Interactive Handbook
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Cyber Safety Activity Book
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Cyber Safety: The Interactive Handbook

Cyber Safety: The Interactive Handbook brings back our favourite cyber defenders Crypto and Synthia, from the Cyber Safety Activity Book series, in yet another cyber journey as they navigate cyberspace through an interactive comic where you will encounter different cybersecurity-related situations and have to make a choice of what action to take. Brush up on your cyber safety skills and pick up new ones such as learning how to spot fake news through the S.U.R.E. (Source, Understand, Research, Evaluate) approach. This edition also features an adapted online scam case involving a primary school student who was scammed while trying to buy a mobile phone online, showing the very real implications of not practising cyber hygiene.

Cyber Safety Handbook Issue 1 to 5

Cyber Safety Issue #1
The story of two boys, Kamal and Asher, who wanted to download the latest mobile phone game. However, they were reluctant to pay for the app on the official app stores and looked for ways to obtain a free version of the app, thereby treading the dangers of the online world. The cyber heroes, Crypto and Synthia, stopped them in time and informed them to be careful when downloading apps from unofficial platforms and allowing apps to access their personal information. 

Cyber Safety Issue #2
It all started when Amber found an unsecured Wi-Fi network in her school and happily joined the network to assess her social media account. She made a new friend, Stan, online and was eager to meet him in person. Meanwhile, Prisha received an email with the subject title “Upcoming Examination Papers And Answers” from her classmate and was thrilled at the thought of getting exam tips. But little did Amber and Prisha know about the dangers they were facing. Will Crypto and Synthia be able to stop the girls in time? Learn about the dangers lurking in cyberspace now.

Cyber Safety Issue #3
This story features a boy, Aldon, who desired to be popular but in his attempt to make friends online, failed to practise cyber safety. This led to his account being compromised and used as a tool by the hacker to disseminate a phishing lucky draw advertisement to all his online friends. Enticed by the lucky draw prize, Aldon’s mother quickly filled in her important personal information into the online lucky draw form and was about to click submit. Learn about the dangers of befriending strangers online, being careless in revealing too much personal information online and clicking on suspicious links.

Cyber Safety Issue #4
This story features Sarah and his smart and popular classmate, Ervin hatched a plan to ruin her reputation. He created a fake social media account in Sarah’s name and posted hurtful comments about her friends. Suddenly, he found himself transported into the cyber world where he saw the impact of his actions on Sarah and her friends. To return to the real world, Ervin was sent on a mission to correct unsafe online practices of others and to improve their online habits. Will Ervin be able to complete his mission and return to the real world? Read Issue 4 of Cyber Safety to find out and pick up good cyber hygiene practices to stay safe online.

Cyber Safety Issue #5
The story of two friends – Chloe and Jonas. In an attempt to outperform each other for a school presentation, Chloe downloaded photos from a fraudulent website and carelessly provided her personal information when she created an account. Unaware that the email she received from the website was a phishing email, she clicked on the link which resulted in phishing emails sent to her classmates. Jonas, on the other hand, downloaded music files from an unverified source which led to his laptop being infected with virus. Detecting the breach, our cyber heroes, Crypto and Synthia, rushed to Chloe and Jonas’ rescue. Will Chloe and Jonas be able to deliver their presentations in time?