Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme (CLS)

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- Application for IoT Device Categories

Register for CLS through the online Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme Registration Form here.

- Application for Wi-Fi Routers (Residential Gateways)

Wi-Fi home routers which comply with the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s (“IMDA”) Technical Specifications for Security Requirements for Residential Gateways (IMDA TS RG-SEC) will qualify for Level 1 of the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore’s Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme (CLS).

It is a requirement for all Wi-Fi routers that are to be sold for local use in Singapore to comply with the IMDA TS RG-SEC and attain minimally CLS Level 1 by 2 May 2022. Manufacturers may register the Wi-Fi routers via GoBusiness, which is a one-stop portal for both IMDA TS RG-SEC and CLS registrations.

For more information on the equipment registration for the IMDA TS RG-SEC, please visit the IMDA Equipment Registration Framework website.

Once registered, as per IMDA Telecommunication Equipment Labels and Advertisements Requirements, Wi-Fi routers are required to be affixed with both the IMDA compliance label and the CSA Cybersecurity Label.