Travelling Cyber Savvy Machine Pop-Up at a Public Library Near You

01 Oct 2019


As part of CSA’s efforts to reach a wider audience, the Cyber Savvy Machine Pop-Up has been making rounds at one library a month since November 2018. In October 2019, it is stationed at Bukit Batok Public Library.

The Pop-Up is an interactive experience that aims to cultivate good cyber hygiene among internet users. Library-goers can participate in an interactive quiz on the Cyber Savvy Machine and pick up cyber tips from the information panels and flyers. By answering five simple cybersecurity questions correctly, participants will receive a small prize. The information panels and flyers remind library-goers to:
  1. Use an anti-virus software
  2. Use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication (2FA)
  3. Spots signs of phishing
  4. Update their software ASAP
 Cyber Savvy PopUp Crowd
From November 2018 to September 2019, , the machine has registered more than 70,000 attempts with a constant stream of people lining up to attempt the quiz on weekends. It is encouraging to see library-goers brushing up their cybersecurity knowledge by studying the information panels and the recommended list of books on cybersecurity. 


Nanyang Polytechnic student ambassadors supported this initiative by showcasing their cyber savvy game on selected Saturdays. The fast-paced game required participants to answer cybersecurity-related questions within a limited time frame. The student ambassadors also conducted non-intrusive mobile phone health checks for interested library-goers by scanning their phones to check for possible connections to malicious websites. 

The Pop-Up has made its appearance at various libraries island-wide including Jurong Regional Library, Woodlands Regional Library, Bedok Public Library and Ang Mo Kio Public Library. It will continue to make its rounds to Queenstown Public Library in November and Jurong Regional Library in December 2019. Like our GoSafeOnline Facebook page ( to receive updates on the Pop-Up’s whereabouts, and head over to test just how cyber savvy you are!