New Cyber Talent Programme to Provide Foundational and Targeted Cybersecurity Training For Non-Cybersecurity Professionals

Published on 17 Oct 2023

[Singapore, 17 Oct 2023] The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) is launching SG Cyber Associates, a new programme under the talent pillar of its Cybersecurity Talent, Innovation and Growth (Cyber TIG) Plan. The programme was announced today by Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister for Communications and Information and Minister-in-charge of Smart Nation and Cybersecurity, at the Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) 2023.

2.      With rapid digitalisation and growing cyber threats across different domains, cybersecurity skills are fast becoming a valuable skillset. Today, there are many industry sectors and smaller organisations that are insufficiently equipped to deal with cyber threats affecting their operations. To bridge the gap, CSA is rolling out the SG Cyber Associates programme to provide foundational and targeted cybersecurity training for non-cybersecurity professionals to develop cybersecurity skills relevant to their work. In partnership with ISC2, 10,000 training and exam spaces over a period of three years will be offered to participants in Singapore who want to obtain an entry-level certification in cybersecurity. This programme will complement existing efforts to increase the overall capacity of the cybersecurity workforce, which includes attracting more women and girls into the cybersecurity profession. 

Partnerships with Professional Bodies and Training Partners

3.      CSA is partnering with professional bodies and training partners to introduce SG Cyber Associates to professions such as engineers, auditors and lawyers, as well as IT and software professionals. For the engineering profession, there is demand for cybersecurity training as Industry 4.0 has accelerated digital connections of engineering systems, and regulations like the Cybersecurity Codes of Practice have driven organisations to invest in cybersecurity resilience. In the IT and software fields where security-by-design and -default are encouraged, equipping IT architects, project managers and software developers with cybersecurity skills will enable them to create more secure products and services at the outset. For the audit and law professions, cybersecurity training will enable the professionals to better appreciate and address pertinent issues such as cyber risk and data security. This in turn allows auditors and lawyers to help their clients improve their management of cyber risks in the face of rising cybercrimes, such as ransomware and scams.

4.      For foundational training under the SG Cyber Associates programme, CSA is partnering with training providers to provide online training, assessment and certification. For a start, CSA will partner ISC2 to offer foundational training by extending ISC2’s One Million Certified in Cybersecurity (1MCC) initiative under the SG Cyber Associates programme. 

5.      For targeted training, CSA will work with professional bodies to develop customised cybersecurity training to meet the specific needs of their members. The professional bodies will then engage training partners to design and deliver the customised training courses for its members with support from CSA. As a start, CSA will partner with the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) and a local training provider to develop and organise courses on specific technology domains such as Internet of Things security for IES members. 

6.      CSA’s partnerships with ISC2 and IES will commence from late 2023 and early 2024 respectively. More details will be made available on the CSA website in due course. Going forward, CSA will be working with more professional bodies and training partners to scale-up training opportunities under the SG Cyber Associates programme.



About the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore 

Established in 2015, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) seeks to keep Singapore’s cyberspace safe and secure to underpin our Nation Security, power a Digital Economy and protect our Digital Way of Life. It maintains an oversight of national cybersecurity functions and works with sector leads to protect Singapore’s Critical Information Infrastructure. CSA also engages with various stakeholders to heighten cybersecurity awareness, build a vibrant cybersecurity ecosystem supported by a robust workforce, pursue international partnerships and drive regional cybersecurity capacity building programmes. CSA is part of the Prime Minister’s Office and is managed by the Ministry of Communications and Information. For more news and information, please visit

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