CSA launches the CSA-National Cybersecurity R&D Lab Scholarship (NCLS) to drive and support the development of professionals in Singapore’s Cybersecurity Sector

Published on 20 Oct 2022



The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) has announced the launch of a new  CSA-National Cybersecurity R&D Lab Scholarship (NCLS) on 20 October 2022 at the Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) 2022.

2. The National Cybersecurity R&D programme (NCRP) was launched in 2013 to build and extend Singapore’s cybersecurity capabilities. Under this Programme, there are currently two laboratories to support the development of R&D expertise and they are the National Cybersecurity R&D Laboratory (NCL) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and iTrust Labs in Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD).  The CSA-iTrust Master of Science in Security by Design Scholarship Programme was established in July 2022 to support the cybersecurity research and development of R&D expertise in iTrust.

3. The objective of the NCLS is to drive and support the development of professionals in Singapore’s cybersecurity sector and support the NCL initiative. The scholarship will be awarded to qualified students who are enrolled in NUS’ Master’s programmes focusing on cybersecurity.  The programmes encompass the latest research (applied and fundamental), as well as advanced and in-depth IT knowledge, to prepare students for their cybersecurity-related careers.  Examples of such programmes offered in various levels of specialisation are as follows:

• Master of Computing (General Track): Designed primarily for students with non-computing undergraduate degrees; this programme provides a systematic pathway for an accelerated conversion to the computing field.
• Master of Computing (Computer Science Specialisation): Designed primarily for students with undergraduate degrees in computing; this programme provides advanced and in-depth knowledge of IT to prepare the students for their IT careers.
• Master of Computing (Infocomm Security Specialisation): Designed primarily for students with undergraduate degrees in computing; this programme provides a more specialised, in-depth education in information and cyber security.

4. Students who receive the scholarship will be able to pursue their Master’s studies in a cybersecurity-related field across different faculties within NUS. Students awarded the scholarship will have access to the NCL throughout the period of their studies to aid them in their research. They will also be assigned to academic mentors who will guide them in their area of research.

5. CSA will be funding up to 40 scholarships over three years. The scholarships will be offered to qualified Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents who have been accepted into the relevant courses of studies on a full-time or part-time basis. Graduates from this programme can look forward to exciting career opportunities in cybersecurity research in NCL or in the growing cybersecurity sector. For more information, please refer to https://ncl.sg/scholarship.




About the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore

Established in 2015, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) seeks to keep Singapore’s cyberspace safe and secure to underpin our Nation Security, power a Digital Economy and protect our Digital Way of Life. It maintains an oversight of national cybersecurity functions and works with sector leads to protect Singapore’s Critical Information Infrastructure. CSA also engages with various stakeholders to heighten cyber security awareness, build a vibrant cybersecurity ecosystem supported by a robust workforce, pursue international partnerships and drive regional cybersecurity capacity building programmes. 

CSA is part of the Prime Minister’s Office and is managed by the Ministry of Communications and Information. For more news and information, please visit www.csa.gov.sg. 

About National Cybersecurity R&D Lab (NCL) in NUS

Established in 2015, the National Cybersecurity R&D Lab (NCL) at the National University of Singapore aims to facilitate the growth of a vibrant cybersecurity ecosystem in Singapore and seeks to support the Singapore cybersecurity R&D community in their research experimentation and testing requirements. NCL provides computing resources as well as repeatable and controllable experimentation environments. NCL’s infrastructure includes a cluster of 300 nodes that provides a wide range of provisioning mechanisms, security data and security services, and provides a platform that fosters and encourages collaboration among researchers in academia, government bodies and the industry. NCL is funded by the National Research Foundation through the National Cybersecurity R&D (NCR) Programme. For more information, please visit ncl.sg.



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SingCERT encourages the reporting of cybersecurity incidents as it enables us to better understand the scope and nature of cyber incidents in Singapore. This will enable us to issue alerts or advisories on relevant threats, and assist a broader range of individuals and organisations.
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