ASEAN-Singapore Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence

Published on 06 Oct 2021

       The ASEAN-Singapore Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (ASCCE) was announced in 2018 as an extension of the ASEAN Cyber Capacity Programme (ACCP).

2      The ASCCE seeks to fulfil three principal functions:

a) Conduct research and provide training in areas spanning international law, cyber strategy, legislation, cyber norms and other cybersecurity policy issues;

b) Provide CERT-related technical training as well as facilitate the exchange of open-source cyber threat and attack-related information and best practices; and

c) Conduct virtual cyber defence training and exercises. 

3      The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) engages top cyber experts and trainers, and collaborates with ASEAN Member States, ASEAN Dialogue Partners and other international partners to design and deliver ASCCE’s programmes. To date, the ASCCE and ACCP have delivered more than 30 programmes attended by over 900 senior officials from ASEAN and beyond, and collaborated with over 40 partners from across governments, private sector, academia and NGOs. Due to the travel restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the programmes were shifted online. Twelve online programmes have been conducted since May 2020.

4      Located in the city centre1, the 720m2 ASCCE campus has two training labs which can hold up to 100 in-person participants, and conference rooms and amenities to facilitate capacity building efforts. Complementing the ASCCE campus is the Cyber Range facility at Temasek Polytechnic which has been in operation since October 2019. 

5 CSA has also launched an official ASCCE LinkedIn page to facilitate networking among the ASCCE alumni and other cyber capacity building stakeholders, and keep the community updated on programme offerings and the latest capacity building news and events. 

The ASCCE is located at 251 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179102. 

About the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore

Established in 2015, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) seeks to keep Singapore’s cyberspace safe and secure to underpin our Nation Security, power a Digital Economy and protect our Digital Way of Life. It maintains an oversight of national cybersecurity functions, and works with sector leads to protect Singapore’s Critical Information Infrastructure. CSA also engages with various stakeholders to heighten cyber security awareness, build a vibrant cybersecurity ecosystem supported by a robust workforce, pursue international partnerships and drive regional cybersecurity capacity building programmes.

CSA is part of the Prime Minister’s Office and is managed by the Ministry of Communications and Information. For more news and information, please visit



Report a Cybersecurity Incident

SingCERT encourages the reporting of cybersecurity incidents as it enables us to better understand the scope and nature of cyber incidents in Singapore. This will enable us to issue alerts or advisories on relevant threats, and assist a broader range of individuals and organisations.
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