Working in CSA

Pei Fen, CSA’s National Cyber Incident Response Centre (NCIRC) division

#WorkinginCSA: Dealing With Cyber Threats As An Incident Responder

Systems Engineer Wan Pei Fen, from CSA's Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team (SingCERT) shares with us what goes on during the investigation of a cyber incident, and how she plays her part in protecting members of the public and enterprises.

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#WorkinginCSA: Building the Vibrant Cybersecurity Ecosystem

We hear from Lim Shin Yi, Senior Assistant Director of CSA’s Ecosystem Development Division, on her work in building a vibrant cybersecurity ecosystem, attracting talent and developing the cybersecurity workforce.

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#WorkinginCSA: Life as a White Hat Hacker

Henry Tan of CSA’s Cybersecurity Engineering Centre (CSEC) tells us how his passion for cybersecurity led him on the exciting path to become an IT product evaluator and certifier, and to develop initiatives such as the Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme.

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#WorkinginCSA: Engaging CII Sectors to Strengthen Cyber Resilience

Find out how Annie Sim, Senior Assistant Director of CSA’s Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) Division engages with organisations from critical sectors to strengthen their cyber resilience.

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#WorkinginCSA: Enhancing Readiness through Exercises

Chia Bing Qiang of CSA’s Joint Operations Readiness Division (JORD) shares interesting aspects of his job, and the process behind delivering a successful cyber crisis management exercise.

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#WorkinginCSA: Going Places with Cybersecurity

Intan Safinas Mohd Tawfik, ASEAN desk head at CSA’s International Cyber Policy Office (ICPO) tells us how her time with CSA has brought her to many interesting places and shown her the importance of international cooperation for a safe and secure cyberspace.

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